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I had an amazing dream last night.

I dreamt I had a child, though it was nothing so common as that. Her name was either Hayena or Kayena (the pronunciation in both being derived from Spanish - though I'm aware there are no "k"s in Spanish). I do not remember exactly which was her name. She pronounced it Hayena but I was under the impression it was simply hard for her to say. And it would be, for she was part cat. Actually, she was most cat. Throughout my dream I related her to a leopard cub, though looking back, it was because of her extreme feline characteristics moreso than her coloration. For while she was definitely from the family of large spotted cats, she had the look of a leapord and the color of a cheetah. The chestnut-colored spots that dotted her skin were small and round and solid, while the rest of her fur was a blonde so golden that it looked like the sun was constantly shining through it. Her face was the only true human thing about her, though her eyes were the color of unfinished gold and her small, turned up nose was entirely feline. Her paws could wrap themselves around things so easily and so naturally that they seemed almost like human hands. The rest of her was all legs and lines and fluid motion.

She could talk, but it was mostly vowels and soft sounds that she managed, and she said little unless addressed. She was smart and atheletic and entirely in love with me. Unlike most cubs, she wanted simply to sleep in my lap or be held in my arms as I went about doing my daily things. When I had to work in my room, she would walk lazily along the pipe that ran around my wall a few feet from the ceiling, constantly watching me. Throughout the dream, she was only slightly larger than the largest of house cats.

She never caused trouble except for once when the police were around. I was driving somewhere with someone and Hayena in the Jimmy and we were lost. Pulling up to an intersection we saw some police sitting in their car and decided we would ask them for directions. Not knowing if it was legal to travel in a car with an unrestrained leopard cub I told my companion to put her in the back of the Jimmy quietly. He put her there and set one of those large body-pillows over her, thinking it would keep her still long enough to get our information. Sure enough, while one of the officers was leaning in my window talking to us, we hear this mewing sound from behind and as we all turn, there she is, her little head barely visible with two of her paws, clinging to the top of the middle seat as she stretched to see what was going on up front without her. The police, who for various reasons we decided later were no police at all, took too much interest in her and we quickly sped away in order to keep her safe. She was, after all, the most precious thing to me.

Somewhere along the dreaming, she became less human and more feline, and by the end of the dream, she was simply a leopard cub with the coloration of a cheetah. She was just as full of grace and agility as before, and just as loving and perfect, but did not appear in the least bit human, nor could she speak.

At one point I was riding in a car with Julie, my brother's fiance. She was driving and Hayena was curled up in my lap, silent in her sleep. I spent a long time watching her, running a hand gently along her back, wishing her good dreams. She was just so special.

Earlier, somewhere in the midst of the dreams, there were a couple birds that took up residence in my room, though I had no idea how they got in. One was a chicadee and it had built its nest on my bed. In it were four overly large eggs. I moved it to a safer spot in my room and watched, later, as four overly small chicadees hatched out of these eggs. Their parent cared for them, and within the day they all resembled tiny replicas of their caregiver and flew away. The other bird was a blue-backed hummingbird that had woven a small nest in a nook it found in my room. It's offspring were almost unbelievably small and helpless. Hayena and I sat for hours and watched them grow. It was really a unique experience.
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The child you had represents a part of yourself, a spiritual part that you find to be very intuitive and more memorable than the rest of you. The police were people that you have met over the years that try to repress your spirituality.

The little bird is a symbol of ideas in waking life that are becoming a reality (little baby birds symbolize the birth of these ideas). The helpless offspring of the hummingbird are old ideas that are no longer useful to you.