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Its a bird is a plane No, it is Little Johny from down the lane!

I had a really long and interesting dream this morning. I had dream that children were all of a sudden all born with the ability to change in to birds. They could do it from birth and just fly away. All the kids had to have location devices embedded in them at birth so that if they got away from their parents before they learned were they lived the parents could track them. The problem was the tracking only worked for a certain radius. If your child flew beyond that you had to hire people in the different towns to look for the kids. They carried around TV dish like things with wires on it that would try and locate lost children. They had a hard time sometimes knowing what was a lost child and what was a regular bird. The Scientists tracked the reason back to the Bird Flu. That it infected people so that they could change in to birds. Some thought it was normal Evolutionary jump. That we were suppose to do this. That it was normal. As normal as turning in to a bird can be..lol There was huge nets that were put over hospitals and whole cities that would try and help keep the lost children in. Some got through because they turn in to humming birds and were small enough to get though the nets. I was a free lance searcher of lost children I did not have all the fancy stuff that most detectives had. I would just go to parks and bring bread with me and spread it around and when birds came down to eat I would use a small hand held device to see if any of them were lost children if so I would try and use a net to catch them and return them to their parents or call them and say I think I have your child. I did not take pay but sometimes was given gifts. It was a fun job.
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