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I had a dream this morning.

I had a dream that I was with this family there was a little boy I do not know his last name although it was said in the dream. I do know that in the dream I had it changed to Jordan River.

Anyway, in the dream I think I was a nanny or something. The couple in my dream were getting divorce neither wanted the child. The father ended up with the child. He took me and the child out for a drive he pulled over and with me sitting next to the kid shoot the kid in both legs and then shot himself. He died the child began to scream, I was screaming too. I unbuckled myself and went to the child. It was raining. I do not drive so I did not try and move the fathers body. Instead I picked up the child and walked to a hospital. When I go there Jordan was in pain but he walk for the doctors. It was a throw and throw wound and had not caused major damage. I told them what had happened and they said they would call child protection to come and get him. I cried so hard, I loved that child. They asked me what his name was. I told them it was Jordan Rain. I did not tell them his real name I did not want him to grow up and know what his father had done. I knew I did not have the room or the money to take care of him, but I really wanted him.

The next part of the dream, I read a newspaper report that they had found a man dead in his car they did not know who he was no wallet. There was a small report about Jordan River. No one had come forward to claim him. They even said an unidentified good Samaritan found him. He was being remanded to Child protection. Tears ran down my face and fell on the newspaper.

I said to myself If I could find away I would adopt that child. Then I woke up.
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