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Dream I had about BF in Letter form!

I got your work address from S took me some doing to get it out of her. Told her I was sending you a singing telegram. She thought that was funny and let me have it. I used the address and took a bus to your work place. I then figured out were your work station was. I peaked around a corner and saw you at the computer it was almost lunch time. You glanced at the clock on you computer and rubbed you stomach like you were hungry and got up. Thank goodness you walk the other way and not to the hall I was peeking from. No one in the office seemed to notice I was there. So as soon as you were out of sight I went in to your office area and hid under your desk. Boy was it hot and a tight fit. I even worried some about the wires behind the computer. I stayed really quite and I think I feel asleep waiting for you to come back. The next thing I know you were back at your seat. I was so scared to try what I want to try. Even in a dream. I know as soon I touched you ,you would know I was there, I was not sure what your reaction would be. Yet I know this was a dream so, I took my shaking hand and touched you leg trailing my fingers up your leg, as expected you jerked your leg, I giggled and you know who I was right away. You did not get up you just pushed your chair in my snug in to the space under your computer. Giving me more room to play without the chance of anyone seeing me or what I was doing.

Today you did not wear a belt so it was not to hard to gain access. I slide my hand in and cupped you, your intake of breath was the only indication of a reaction, other then you became quite hard and filled my hand with your warm hard erection. I trailed my finger tips up and down you shaft causing you to miss type what ever you were trying to work on. Your dick seems to pulsate in my hand almost to the beat of my own racing heart. It was so hot down there made even more so now that I was getting horny touching you. This went on for quite awhile, you were quite good at staying on task although you did stop sometimes and make you yummy noises.

A little while later there was a knock on your wall, it was your boss, you went slack really fast I know you were worried she would find out I was there. I was quite naughty and soon worked you back up to being hard in my hand. Your boss was asking you question after question, I could tell by the tone of your voice and the sight pauses in your sentences that you were having problems concentration on what the boss was saying. I felt quite naughty.

Soon she was done and she walked out, you slumped a bit in your chair and took a deep fortifying breath, you went back to working, it was almost like you were having a contest with yourself to see if you could keep on task, you did quite well but the sounds you made and pauses I heard in the sound of your typing fingers told me it was a loosing battle.

I had you almost to the point of cumming, I had brought a towel with me, I got you to the point of no return, I covered my hand with the towel so I could fill you cum all over my hand and it would not make a mess on your pants, it was so warm like you were on fire...My breathing was really fast and entice..I began to orgasm also I had to keep my head down so I would not bump it on the desk. After we had both settled a bit I lay my head down and rested, you on the other had keep working..

Soon it was time for the meeting you have with the other companies each day so you got up I watched you walk to the doorway, I thought you might just leave, but just before you cleared the door way you turned blow a kiss to me and Whispered " I Love You" As you left for your meeting I got out from under your desk and went to the bathroom to clean up. I had hidden my blue bag under a sink and was able to change. Then I went outside and caught a bus to your house, it was a date day.. I feel sleep on the bus, then my alarm to get up for the day went off and I woke up.

I have had this dream several times and each time I make more plans so that it all goes off without a hitch.
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