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Dreams I have had!

I have one of being at the Puyallup Fair and the fountain there. I am walking around it and there is a guy I will call him the "Zombie King". He has a wand, that is sometimes a long stick wand like Harry Potters and sometimes a Faerie Wand. Anyway he is bad news. He walks around taping fair goers with this wand and they fall down. I do not know if they are dead or knocked out I just know I do not want to be touched by this wand. So when he gets near me I lay down on the ground and pretend he has already touched me. I have tried to leave the area were he is but there is something preventing me from leaving the area. The doors are even locked so I can not go though them. Sometimes this dream is long and I walk and try to stay one step a head of him for hours soon there is hardly anyone walking around and I know he will notice I am still upright. I never really finish this dream so I do not know what happens. Although a few time I am the last person and lay down and he walks by me and stops and I can hear him breathing really close to me like he knows I am not knocked out. I am trying to hold my breath so he does not know I am awake. I always wake up though soon after this happens. I have had this dream since I was about 4 I think and I still have it at least once a year and I am now 27 years old and I still have it.

Another thing I have is dreams were I wake up and my room is full of Spider webs. No spiders just their webs. Also I wake and there is writing all over my walls. One time I even got out of bed and went and told my mom that my sister had written on my walls. She came to my room and when we looked around the writing was gone. I could not believe it.
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