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Though it's probably futile... Here goes hoping...

I'm not new, but I haven't posted in ages. I came here looking for an answer.

I dream constantly, every night and some days, and try to be devoted to writing them down. I truly believe dreams can have meaning, can show us things about ourselves: fears, hopes, harsh realities, etc. I believe they can show us possible futures, possible ('what could have happened if...') pasts, memories... but none of that really matters for what I'm looking for.

I share these dreams with people near me, but no one responds, no one cares. I share them because I want outside opinions, I want to know what others think. Even if all they do is say, "Bonnie, you're weird." And I want to hear THEIR dreams. I feel like maybe if they'd open up to the subject, there would be a lot to be learned. But they hesitate, or can't, or something... they just can't quite understand how seriously I take dreams, how much I love them and treasure them.

So because I can't seem to find anyone close that would like to talk dreams with me, I'm looking for people interested really in talking about dreams. Via e-mail, via IM, via a community like this, or just being each others' LJ friends so we can see when people post about dreams. Is anyone out there interested? I'd like to think that this community isn't really as dead as it appears. Maybe there are others like me who just haven't found that connection with others here and so stopped posting. Look at the most recent entry for example. That person wanted opinions and help looking at her dream, and went unanswered. For my part, I'm sorry.

I've been "gone" (from the community) for some time, and come back seeking people who would really like to talk about dreams.
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