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first post here

i had a weird dream last night & i was wondering if someone could help me figure out what it meant.

in the dream i was looking at my sort of potential-boyfriend's lj. in real life he hasnt touched or updated this lj in months so i havent visited it in quite a while. in the dream there were all of these recent entries and one of them was about me. in the entry he talked about how he had been thinking a lot about me lately and thinking about the way i acted and reacted to things that happened between us. he also said he was thinking about the distance he had to put between us over the summer and the stuff he had to put on hold and put behind him.

i have no idea why i would dream this since i don't know if this is how he actually feels. any thoughts or analyzing would be awesome. what does it mean that im dreaming about reading his journal? .. thanks.
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