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Hi, everyone! I'm new here, and I had a very odd dream last night. I'm wondering what it means...

It started off at the edge of a deep forest. There were buildings off to the other side of the forest; it looked to be behind some sort of factory complex. We seemed to be on a nature walk. The other people on the walk did not look familiar. Suddenly the winds began to pick up, and the leader of the walk shouted, "Tornado!! Quick, into the ditch!" So all of us (I'd say there were about 15 people) ran off towards the forest, where the land went down a few feet. There were trees growing out of the slant, so we all grabbed a tree and held on. I was sharing my tree with a boy, and he said to be as we held on, "If you'll kiss me, we'll survive." So, just as the tornado whirled through, I kissed him, and there was a weird aura around us, and everything perished, except for us. We rose up... and suddenly we were standing in a totally white bathroom, in a stall, making out.

Then I woke up, but quickly fell asleep again...

This time we were in my Language Arts. But when I looked out the window, instead of seeing what I usually saw, all I saw was ocean, out to the horizon. I kept watching, and suddenly, way, way out in the distance, I saw a slivery twister form. No one really seemed to be panicking, we were just all sad. I don't know what anyone else was doing, but I put my hand on Tomasz's back [Tomasz is the name of my crush, who sits in front of me in this class.], and he turned around. He felt really warm in my dream. I said, "Before we die, can I hug you?" And suddenly, he looked really sad, and his eyes filled with tears, and he kissed me. Then the tornado was right outside the window, and he and I were standing in the middle of the room, in a circle with Christin, Omi, Dhara, Kayo, and Julie [being my five best friends]. He said, "If you kiss me, we'll all survive." So we all held hands and just as the torndado ripped through the wall, I kissed him, and suddenly we were all up in the air, and all I saw was white...

Then I woke up. I saw it was only 8:00, and I forced myself to go back to sleep.

This time, we were in some sort of a boat place dock thingie. There were all these big 1700s-style ships with the huge sails and ropes all over and such. Of course, out in the distance, I saw a tiny tornado form. There were tons of people running around, but I was gripping the hand of someone, I don't know who. Two men in Hawaiian shirts and shorts were talking in microphones: "Well, the tornado's coming in just an hour! But before then, we've got much more to show you. Stick around!" Everyone else was panicking. The mysterious boy and I, clenching hands, went onto one of the boats. The tornado was getting closer, and we went down into the lower floors... Then we were sitting in the corner of a room on the ship, huddling together, shaking with fear. I heard screams from around me, and suddenly, Mysterious Boy turned me around and kissed me, and, of course, we floated up and the world went white...

I woke up. 8:30. I shut my eyes and rolled over.

Me and two other people were running up a hill towards a huge mansion. It was a beautiful, sunny day. The hills were very green and lush. But I was in a panic; we kept running to the house. I got to a red door. The two other people had disappeared. I pushed open the door, and found myself in a very white bathroom, in a stall, crying on Tomasz's shoulder.

Really weird... I've never had a dream like that, nor have I ever been able to force myself to go back to sleep and start dreaming again that quickly. And I haven't read or done anything with tornadoes since... oh, fourth grade? o_O

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